Kevin Daly is a Producer of VFX+.  Doing what Kevin does is hard to define, at least for Kevin, and while he’s found that it is a concern for others what he calls himself, they don’t provide any answers for the question.  After more than enough thinking about this, Kevin trusts that VFX+ puts it together for himself and others.  Plus, the logo looks pretty cool.

VFX+ is a short way of expressing that Kevin Produces and Executive Produces a wide range of digital content.  From animation to editorial and everything in between.  Kevin works closely with a growing network of skilled digital artists on the types of projects you can see on this site.  Kevin has had the pleasure of working with some of the most highly regarded studios in his industry. From these experience he’s built an extensive network of trusted collaborators, and has experienced every type of production with every type of client.

Come say hi if you’re a client, producer, artist, or enthusiast.  Kevin would love to get to know you better.