Fasetto LINK | An Interactive Experience @CES2017


A goal realized for 2016

Very proud of my most recent collaboration with Black Book Studio, an interactive app for Fasetto featured at CES 2017.

The video below looped continuously.  Visitors to the booth could touch anywhere on the iPad to reveal categories.

Product Animation – Final Render

The below link represents the functionality of the final product. Feel free to take this web version of the app for a little spin.

Web version of iPad App

Excitingly, this is the first project I’ve produced as an Independent EP. A professional goal this year was to target, bid, and win a project outside of a big studio, and I was happy to see it come together in the final months of 2016.

The Job

Amador Valenzuela, Black Book’s Owner and Creative Director, and I created and executed the concept for our client’s LINK device, which is according to their website:

A game-changing storage and connectivity solution.

LINK is more than just a cutting-edge digital storage and connectivity device, it’s a powerful platform offering a multitude of new apps and hardware development opportunities for both consumer and enterprise markets.

The animated product video with data visualization, and the iPad app we created it for, were the central discussion during the bidding phase.  Together with Fasetto co-founder, Coy Christmas, and his Event Producer Renee Bosclair we ironed out the approach and budget.  The basic message we were trying to solve was how to use the iPads to showcase LINK’s relationship with automobiles.  During our discussions we came up with the idea to use an interactive app as a container for an eye catching video featuring slick renders of the LINK device.

It’s an attractive little product that fits in the palm of your hand:



Going Live

Amador and I travelled out to Vegas for the event.  We were able to test out the iPad first hand, see visitors experience it, and shoot some video of it all.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The initial deliverable, a functioning Safari ready website, was delivered prior to the holidays and ahead of schedule. 

Wouldn’t you guess it though, we got a phone call the day before CES 2017’s doors opened.  The surrounding booth’s walls and increased foot traffic was doing a number on the wifi signal strength.  We couldn’t accept anything but giving the client exactly what they wanted, so we went to work converting the website to a fully functioning TestFlight vetted iPad app.  

A special thanks to Chicago’s HECO Partners for their work developing the app. You wouldn’t know from using it that HECO only had 24 hours to get it published.  

Heco is the Chicago-based studio of JT Helms and Matt Cowen. We make better user experiences and more interesting brands, and try to find inner peace.

Most Hands on Deck

Amador had broken his wrist snowboarding two days before the event. Good thing he’s right handed, and I’m left handed. It was a two man job setting up that camera rig.


On the last day of the show we whipped out the business cards, and made contacts at Eureka Park, which in my opinion is the most interesting floor at CES.  Eureka park is filled with entrepreneurs, start-ups, and university students all doing some awesome work in the field of emerging technology, therapy, and education:

Eureka Park is a specialized exhibit area that provides startups a unique exhibiting opportunity to launch a new product, service or idea.

Check out my Instagram for a look at some cool innovations including a roabotic barista.

The Booth

Overall, Fasetto had one of the most impressive showcases at CES though. It seemed like everyone we networked with at the event knew about Fasetto’s booth, which was bursting with vibrant violets and blues. Anyone who walked past the center display looked like all the information in the world was funneling into their pineal gland via violet slack lines of informative fabrics.


Here I am shooting some footage and getting one such apparent download:


Credit for the liveliness of the booth goes out to Fasetto co-founders Coy Christmas and Luke Malpass, their extremely hard working team, and their marketing partners at March Comms. They were hard at work non-stop.


March Comms have offices in Boson, Chicago, and San Fransisco.

The showcase was clearly a massive collaboration. Several artists and production teams were tapped for various design aspects according to their specialty. Working with Coy and Renee, it was clear that they choose vendors they trusted and just let them do what they are good at.

I’m looking forward to working with all of these collaborators, as well as some new contacts we met. Here’s to 2017, and I’ll be seeing you again at CES 2018.


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